Foundry Information

From DEC Region 8 Letter

If your yard does not have exposed or bare soil, then the potential for exposure to these contaminants would not be anticipated. Similarly, mulched plantings would minimize potential exposure.

The New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) recommends that property owners and occupants follow the best practices described below to reduce the possibility of exposure to the contaminants in soil:

  • Wash with soap and water after gardening or any time before you eat.
  • Minimize children's direct contact with bare soil by laying down wood chips or maintaining grass cover, especially if there is visible fill material such as ash, cinders, brick, or slag.
  • Brush off your soil from your clothes and remove shoes and gloves before entering your home.
  • Consider growing vegetables in raised beds with clean soil (at least 10 inches deep). Use untreated wood to make the beds. Pressure-treated wood and railroad ties contain added chemicals. You can find additional information about healthy gardening.

If applicable, please share these results and the precautions above with your tenants.