Solid Waste Recycling in Geneva

"We are stewards of our special natural setting. Our visually beautiful and ecologically sustainable environment should be celebrated and protected within the city and surrounding area." So says the City of Geneva's Comprehensive Plan and Community Decision-Making Guide.

Managing the waste stream by reducing, reusing and recycling helps to cut down on the amount of waste that ends up in the landfill. Help conserve our natural resources, landfill space and energy by utilizing the resources below to reduce the amount of waste you send to the landfill. Following is a list of recycling options in Geneva. Regional resources are available at the Ontario County Recycling/Waste Diversion website.

The Transfer Station Is Open with an Added Service - Composting!

Geneva Resource Recovery is open for all residents to bring residential yard waste and food waste.

  1. Private Trash Haulers
  2. Appliances
  3. Batteries
  4. Clothing / Textiles
  5. e-Waste
  6. Fluorescent Lightbulbs
  7. Furniture
  8. Lead-Acid Batteries
  9. Pharmaceuticals
  10. Plastic Bags
  11. Televisions
  12. Tires
  13. Yard Waste

Trash haulers operating within the City of Geneva are required to be licensed by the City. The following is a list of trash haulers licensed to conduct business in the City of Geneva. As part of their service, trash haulers also provide a recycling service. 

Monthly Service Packages

Casella Waste Management

Phone: 888-471-3094

  • $24.95 + fees per month for trash, 96 gallon tote, and recycling
  • Biweekly pickup for both

Finger Lakes Disposal

Phone: 585-394-6055

  • Weekly pick-up at a cost of $72.07 including all taxes for two months. They bill bimonthly.
  • Every other week pick-up at a cost of 49.45 including all taxes for two months. They bill bimonthly.
  • They offer commercial service and roll offs for temporary service - call for quotes.

Pay as You Throw

Lyons Road Trash Inc.

Phone: 315-789-2979

  • $8.75 + Tax per pickup of trash, 96 gallon tote, + tote rental of $2.85 + tax per month
  • Recycling $5 + Tax per month weekly pickup.

Commercial pick up

K & D Disposal

Phone: 315-331-3889

Nardozzi Companies

Phone: 315-719-9846

Roll off Prices:
•    20 yd (3 ton included) - $430.00 + tax (22x7x4)
•    30 yd (4 ton included) - $455.00 + tax (22x7x6)
•    40 yd (5 ton included) - $510.00 + tax (22x7x8)

     $65.00 + tax per ton over limit (2,000 lbs in a ton)
     $75.00 out of area delivery charge
     $100.00 charge on all boxes that require a dig out
     $100.00 return fee on all boxes that are overloaded
     10-day limit (please call for pickup)

If rolloffs are going on a blacktop driveway, the customer will need to supply planks as Nardozzi is not responsible for damages that may occur.  This includes lawns.

         Items not accepted:
                No electronics
                No freon units
                No liquid paint
                No tires
                No 55-gal drums
                No batteries
                No hazardous material (gas, oil, pesticides, etc.)

Dumpster Service Only

Oaks Dumpster Rental 

Phone#: 585-225-6257

Fees:     Size                Haul including 1st ton      Per ton addt'l 

12 yard                 $400                                       $90

15 yard                 $400                                       $90

              20 yard                 $450                                       $90

              30 yard                 $475                                       $90

              40 yard                 $500                                       $90

Robinson Roll Off LLC

Phone # 315-675-4400

Fees for two tons:            10 yd  $470
                                            20 yd  $590
                                            30 yd  $590
                                            40 yd  $590

Extra tonnage is billed at $65.00 per ton

DeMarco Dumpster

Phone # 315-675-4400

15 yd delivery/pick up 1 ton included  $275

30 yd delivery/pick up 3 ton included $400

Mileage fee per mile $3.50

Construction debris dumping fee per ton  $65

MSW dumping fee per ton $90

Sales tax 8.00%