Building, Parks & Grounds

The Buildings, Parks, and Grounds Division is responsible for the day to day maintenance of all City owned buildings, parks, cemeteries and our lakefront. This includes the maintenance of existing playground equipment as well as the installation of new equipment. The division maintains both Glenwood and Washington Street Cemeteries.

Foundation Order

Submit an online Foundation Order for Glenwood Cemetery or print the application form and fax to the Public Works Department at 315-789-4624.

They are charged with maintaining vacant properties and those acquired through back taxes.application form (PDF)

Quality of Life Tactical Team

New in 2016 is the addition of the "Quality of Life Tactical Team" which scours the city looking for property maintenance issues. Property owners are notified to remedy these issues, and if not, this team will do the required work at the owner's expense.

Reserving Parks

Get information on reserving any of the parks.