Geneva Neighborhoods 

downtown2The City of Geneva offers 11 different neighborhoods, each with an active resident population that have pride of place in their community.

Vision, Mission & Purpose

The Office of Neighborhood Initiatives (ONI) is a conduit between the residents, the neighborhood associations that they have created, and City Government- assisting in the overcoming of challenges, improvements and beautification of neighborhoods, and bringing community members together in order to accomplish their own unique vision through their own eyes. The ONI helps to facilitate events, provide opportunities to develop pride in place, and supports the notion that it is not what the City Government wants to accomplish, but what the City can do to help residents accomplish their goals.


The Geneva has had a number of accomplishments- and continues to thrive. In 2014 alone, 1357 resident volunteers and 3061 resident participants engaged in neighborhood events in the City of Geneva. In 2015, over 200 neighborhood association meetings, events and project work parties involving 1000 resident volunteers and 2850 resident participants (equating to over 2500 volunteer hours of dedication) showed the passion that residents have in making their neighborhoods good for all prospective and current residents.

Neighborhood MapCheck out each neighborhood profile to see the specific accomplishments for each individual neighborhood.

The Neighborhoods of Geneva

The neighborhoods in Geneva each contain their own unique vision and character. Explore all of the ways that Geneva residents work towards making this City the most incredible place to live for people of all ages: