Neighborhood Initiatives

Row of Houses - Photo Credit: Kevin Colton


The Office of Neighborhood Initiatives (ONI) provides place-based revitalization programs focused on implementing neighborhood and community development strategies.

The community development strategies seek to forward planning efforts that strengthen the City's diverse resources and assets and position Geneva to be a model community.

Neighborhood strategies seek to enhance of the competitiveness of the Geneva market through facilitation of neighbor-led programs and projects geared at boosting neighborhood pride, leveraging strategic partnerships, and creating a sense of place.

Neighborhood-Based Activities

  • Facilitate the activities of active neighborhood associations, including provision of administrative support to events and activities, identification and training of neighborhood leaders, and facilitation of neighborhood strategic planning efforts
  • Facilitate the development of new neighborhood associations, including the identification and training of potential leaders
  • Execute branding and marketing efforts associated with neighborhood strategic plans
  • Develop and administer grant programming targeted at enhancing the value of the housing stock, including homebuyer support, housing revitalization, and neighborhood asset renewal
  • Evaluation of City programs and facilities to identify opportunities to enhance City-sponsored activities to more effectively serve neighbors and bolster the housing market

Citywide Activities

  • Identification, application, and administration of grant-funded activities, including planning, programming, and capital improvement grants
  • Provision of staff support to Local Development Corporation, Industrial Development Agency and 
  • Revolving Loan Fund Committee including facilitating redevelopment projects and small business incentive programs.
  • Intake and administration of activities associated with the Civic Innovation Hub
  • Oversight and specific project implementation of short and long-range planning efforts, such as the Brownfield Opportunity Area Plan, Waterfront Infrastructure Feasibility Plan, the Parks Master Plan, and the Comprehensive Plan.