City-Owned Property Listings (CPL)

City-Owned Properties Currently for Sale

There are no properties currently for sale. 

Buyer Responsibilities

All properties will be sold as is and the buyer will be responsible for the cost of an abstract of title, survey, recording fees, New York State transfer tax and any costs incurred for subdivision as well as the repair of sidewalks (if necessary, as determined by City sidewalk inspection). An abstract, survey and subdivision are required as a part of purchasing this property.


  • All bids must be on the bid form and include a 5% deposit in a sealed envelope with the address of the property being bid on the outside of the envelope.
  • The City reserves the right to reject any and all bids due to litigation, open code issues or unpaid taxes.
  • Bids must include a plan for the property consistent with the City of Geneva's Comprehensive Plan.
  • A general Sealed Bid Form is available here: General Sealed Bid Form (PDF)


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