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2024 Adopted City of Geneva Budget

This year budget theme is: Sustaining Our Investments

In the year ahead, sustaining investments means that we have to honor the commitments that we have already made in response to some of the biggest challenges of our time: declining infrastructure; ongoing financial stressors for vulnerable populations; an unpredictable climate; and a lack of opportunities for those who want to live in our city.

This proposed spending plan recognizes that our community looks to their local government to provide the structural support for their daily lives. This spending plan supports this powerful work by giving our teams renewed, and in many cases, ongoing, funding.

A decision-making framework

The 2024 Recommended Budget represents movement towards the implementation of Budgeting for Resilience, or outcome-based budgeting. As we move into to 2024, we will lean into the work that has come before us to ensure that the City of Geneva focuses on our core values of ensuring that the city is beautiful, prosperous, equitable, connected, and sustainable.  

In preparing their budget proposals, departments were required to connect their work to their current work projects while looking to the future of their work. In 2024, we will focus the work projects not only on day-to-day operations but on the possibilities ahead for the city, as well as ways to measure whether the outcomes are being achieved.

Departments were also asked to look at what smart reductions can be made under the perimeters requested by council to stay within the 2023 spending rate. Through on-going discussions many items did not make into the 2024 budget as we have to be prudent with our time and resources. This doesn’t mean that our departments are asking to frivolously spend our limited resources, it means that we have to define our why before moving any project forward.

Support for community priorities

Residents rely on local government for important day-to-day services, including clean drinking water, public safety, transportation, housing, parks and outdoor spaces to enjoy, recreation facilities, and more. This recommended budget supports the basic continuation of these core services, while also seeking to address many complex issues.

Investments in employees and infrastructure

To serve community successfully, local government requires talented people and well-maintained infrastructure.

While we applied a critical eye to requests on our employee resources, the proposed budget includes an additional 2.75 FTEs to address urgent needs in the organization. Combined with a reduction of positions that were vacant or never filled in 2023 we have established new positions geared at succession planning, supporting our community, and providing safe spaces for our workers and residents. We will also continue to allocate resources for increased labor costs, as well as increased professional and leadership development opportunities.

There are also unknown investments that will need to occur with our employees through the four collective bargaining agreements set to expire in 2024. As well as a management agreement that has held management at the same levels since 2009. These variables are extremely challenging to budget for, and are necessary to ensure that we maintain a high quality workforce.

Turning to infrastructure, the 2024 Recommended Budget will make several necessary – and exciting – projects possible.

These include:

  • Implementation of Phase VI of the Lakefront Improvements
  • Castle Street Reconstruction from Brook Street to West North
  • Continuation of analyzing, cleaning, lining, and repairing of our sanitary and storm sewer systems through the City
  • Replacement of old water meters with current technology
  • Reviewing and upgrading our facilities to increase safety and sustainability

Looking Ahead

With this presentation of my second budget, I continue to see the possibilities ahead for our city. With our values in hand the next phase of work is to align these values under the leadership set by council through prioritizing our investments, measuring our impact, and understanding what the Geneva of 2024 and beyond will be. We have a vivid history and a bright future. As stewards of the community we must continue to make the tough decisions that will propel us forward.

Thank you for placing your trust in me your City Manager. It is truly an honor to serve the City of Geneva.

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