Dog Licenses


  • Spayed or neutered dog: $20 cash or check
  • Unspayed or unneutered: $30 cash or check
  • Dog license late fee: $10 after expiration date

License Application & Issuance

All dogs in the City of Geneva, unless otherwise exempted by New York State Agriculture and Markets law, must be licensed with the City Clerk of the City of Geneva by the age of six months. The owner of each dog required to be licensed shall obtain a license at the City Clerk's Office.

  1. The application shall be accompanied by the license fee and certificate of rabies vaccination. In case of a spayed or neutered dog, every application shall be accompanied by a certificate signed by a licensed veterinarian showing that the dog has been spayed or neutered, provided such certificate is not already on file with the Clerk.
  2. Upon validation by the Clerk, the application shall become a license for the dog described therein. Once an application has been validated, no refund therefor shall be made. The license must be renewed annually.
  3. No license shall be transferable.