Zoning Code Update 2020

A new draft for the City’s zoning code update will be ready for community review soon. This version is an interim draft with changes made that had community consensus, minor edits, and comments for some of the areas that need City Council input. The next City Council meeting for discussion on the zoning code update is scheduled on December 14th at 6 PM and can be view during the meeting or afterwards on the City’s YouTube Channel. Please see below the community webinars on the first draft from 10/5/2020.

Articles 12 – 20 Admin Draft (ver. 3/22/2021)

Please note that the Articles 12 – 20 Admin Draft (ver. 3/22/2021) is NOT a final draft. This draft relates solely to articles 12 through 20. Residents can submit feedback through April 26th to Katie Labbe at KLabbe@geneva.ny.us

Revised Working Draft (ver. 12/10/2020)

Please note the Revised Working Draft (ver. 12/10/2020) is NOT a final draft. Please refer to the draft’s first page for a revision key to better understand the changes made in the draft.

Introduction Webinar

Districts Webinar

Historic District Webinar

Design Standards Webinar

Prepared by consultants Barton & Loguidice, residents with any questions or comments regarding the zoning code update can email City Planner Katie Labbe at KLabbe@geneva.ny.us.

You can view previous committee updates of the zoning process throughout the past year here.