Water and Utilities

Water Quality

Geneva’s primary source of drinking water is Seneca Lake, which contains the highest quality water in New York State. Industrial sites are well served with high pressure mains, achieving static pressure of more than one million PSI. The lake’s Class A rating, combined with Geneva’s excellent treatment facilities, results in the best possible water for City residents. Water rates for industries and residences are the same, as are sewer rates.


Electric and gas service is provided by New York State Electric and Gas Corporation (NYSEG). NYSEG provides generous rate reductions on gas and electricity for commercial and industrial customers who add new load in Geneva’s Empire Zone (EZ). The company also provides various technical services and consultations to all customers.



The City’s industrial sites are all served by municipal wastewater, with over 3 million gallons per day of treatment capacity available, with significant capacity for addressing BOD demands.

Public Safety

The Geneva Fire Department provides service to the City with the help of three professional fire companies. The City’s fire protection is excellent, with an ISO class 3 rating. This high rating allows Geneva businesses to enjoy substantial savings on fire insurance premiums. The Town of Geneva is served by three volunteer fire companies.

An experienced network of law enforcement officials is dedicated to preserving public safety and welfare in Geneva. The Geneva Police Department has jurisdiction within the City while the Ontario County Sheriff’s Office serves the surrounding area. New York State Police barracks are located nearby in Canandaigua and Waterloo.