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After World War II, America built an incredible amount of housing to meet the demand that had arisen during the war and immediately after as new families formed and the Baby Boom began. In the case of Geneva, much of the postwar housing was built west of Nursery Avenue. It was situated on large lots with open space nearby. Over the years more housing was added but the neighborhood still benefits from a remarkable amount of green space: the attractive yards, the public parks and substantial undeveloped land. As a result, this green haven has the advantage of openness while still being easily accessible to downtown, the retail center on Hamilton Street, and the New York State Agricultural Experiment Station.


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Neighborhood Strategic Plan

Arbors Strategic Plan

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The Arbors Neighborhood Map

Neighborhood Accomplishments

Organized in 2011

Beautification of Bennett Street Circle in 2011

Identified unused city lot at Reed and High Streets and requested permission to manage some improvements on the site. Resident volunteers transformed this lot into a beautiful place of neighborhood pride, in 2012.

Points of Interest

Ridgewood Park located off Ada Street
Arbors Green located at the corner of Reed and High Streets

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Steve A. Valentino

The Arbors First Annual Holiday Lighting Contest Winners
Take a drive through the Arbors neighborhood and enjoy all of the festive lights! Their first Annual Holiday Lighting Contest has many participants. This week, the winners were announced–congrats to: 1st Place – Gene and Carol Perry of 21 Greenhurst; 2nd place – Dena Prete and Joe Candidori of 48 Greenbriar and 3rd Place – Ron and MaryAnne Lawson of 83 Greenhurst. The judges also provided a list of other noteworthy displays throughout the Arbors: 33 Bennett, 112 Bennett, 56 Ridgewood, 22 Greenhurst, 150 Greenhurst, 38 Greenbriar, 164 Nursery and 182 Nursery saying that each of them is very seasonally festive.
3rd Placearborslights2016firstplace-21greenhurst2nd-place-arbors