Streetlight Outage

If there’s a streetlight out in you neighborhood, please report it to us by completing and submitting the form below. It’s important you provide the:

– Location of the Streetlight
– Nearest cross street
– Pole number (usually located on a metal strip attached to the pole; not all pole may have this metal strip)

*If you are reporting more than one streetlight outage¬†it’s important you complete and submit a separate form.

Please enter the following information:

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*First Name: *
Last Name:
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*Street Address Nearest to Pole: *
COG# (4 digit # in white lettering on black background)*
Pole Number (if Available):
*Location of Pole (e.g. 2 Poles from the intersection of Main St. and Maple Ave.): *
*Nearest Cross Street: *
*The light is: *