Shade Tree Committee Projects

2009-2012 Shade Tree Committee Report: Read the report here.

Community Engagement

  • Conducts Arbor Day celebrations, identifying sites, selecting appropriate species and planting trees on the following streets. Annual celebrations attended by large number of school children from primary grades.
  1. Avenue B (2009)
  2. Habitat for Humanity homes on Sweeney Avenue and Hawkings Street (2010)
  3. Washington Street Park entrance (2011)
  4. Sharon St. (2012)
  5. West St. School (2013)
  • Interacts with the Geneva Neighborhood Resource Center for neighborhood associations’ annual garden walks. (Founders Square, 2012 and Historic North, 2013)
  • Hosted the annual New York ReLeaf Conference, including an on-street tour and a planning workshop on trees for malls (2010)

Forest Rejuvenation

  • Risk Management
  1. Provide DPW with ongoing information and evaluation of risk situations.
  2. Advised DPW on 3-year removal plan for trees with a mid-to-high risk rating. (2009)
  • Planting/Tree Management
  1. Selects new or replacement trees for special projects. Examples:
  • DOT North Exchange renovation with input from Cornell University’s Urban Horticulture Institute (2009)
  • North Main St. islands (2010)
  • Castle St. library project (2012)
  • Lakefront playground (2012)
  • Advised DPW on the integration of the City’s tree database into a tree management software program. (2011)
  • Cooperates with the Geneva Neighborhood Resource Center on neighborhood tree planting projects. (2012-2013)

Funding Opportunities

  • Obtains grant funds for tree plantings. Examples:
  1. North Genesee, $20,000, 96 trees (2007-08)
  2. Hildreth Hill neighborhood (Brook St., Lyceum St., High St., Nursery Ave., Lewis St., and William St.), $25,000, 100 trees (2009-10)
  3. Eight neighborhood streets (Hallenbeck Ave., Lafayette Ave., Middle St., North St., Oak St., Optical St., Wadsworth St., and West St.), $25,000, 100 trees (2011-12)