Disc Golf Course

Disc golf, also called frisbee golf, is played by the same rules as traditional golf but uses a flying disc instead of a ball and a basket for a hole. Players try to throw the disc into the basket in the fewest number of strokes. Disc golf is easy to learn and appropriate for a range of ages and abilities. The only expense is the cost of a disc!

The Lakefront Park “5&20 Disc Golf Course” has 12 holes and two sets of tees (long and short). Holes range in length from 200 ft to 520 ft. Hole 1 starts near the walking path, about 1/4 mile to the east of the main parking lot.

Visit Wes Greco at Lake City Hobbies in Downtown Geneva for all things “Disc”!
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Simplified Rules of Disc Golf
For More information on course status and weekly events at Lake front Park, visit the Geneva Disc Golf Facebook Club Page
Professional Disc Golf Association: – Find information on official rules, other area courses, events, and more