Police Reform

Welcome to the City’s Police Reform Plan Information Page!

Through Governor Cuomo’s Executive Order No. 203, the Governor has charged local municipalities’ Chief Executive Officer and Chief of Police to present an action plan by April 1, 2021 to their governing body after a comprehensive review of current police force deployments, strategies, policies, procedures and practices, along with input from stakeholders.

Announcement: FINAL PLAN

Policing Reform & Reinvention Collective (10/09/2020)

Vote on Local Law 1-2021 at City Council Feb. 3rd 7 PM Meeting. Public Hearing for Local Law 1-2021 held on January 20th.


Additional Previous PAB Documents and Council Minutes

Local Law 1-2020 for 1-13-21 Public Hearing_Approved_12_08_20

Local Law 1-2020 Version_Prior_To_12-8-20_Council Meeting

Nov 30 2020 Council Action minutes

Local Law 1-2020 as of 11-19-20


10-22-20 local law 1-2020 with EJB council 82 and GDC comments final

Local law 1-2020 as of 11-12-2

Oct 6_2020_Council_minutes

Oct 22_2020_Council_Action_minutes

Nov 12_2020_Council_ Action_minutes

local law 1-2020 as of 10-6-20

Final form of local law 1-2020 designated for 9-23-2020 public hearing

Adopted Resolutions

Proclamation No Place for Hate in the City of Geneva

Resolution 46-2020 Encouraging a Use of Force Policy (Interim Provision) for Geneva City Police Department

Resolution 49-2020 Implicit Bias Training for City of Geneva Staff and City Council

Resolution 53-2020 Resolution Adopting the City of Geneva Body Camera Task Force Policy

Body Camera Task Force Policy 53_Adopted

Resolution 54-2020 Adopting The City of Geneva Police Budget Advisory Board By-Laws

Police Budget Advisory Board By-laws 54_Adopted


3/9/2021 Police Reform Draft Plan updated is here, we will be discussing GO 400 Use of Force tonight in the Collective Group Meeting at 6:30pm via City of Geneva YouTube Page. Updated Draft

2/25/2021 Police Reform Draft plan has been released to the City Council and Community Residents for feedback and input. Draft can be found here please reach out to Erica Collins (ecollins@geneva.ny.us) for more information.

2/17/21 Police Reform Collective, received initial copy of draft plan; On Tuesday, February 23rd Collective will review recommended changes to G.O. 400 Use of Force Policy from legal and Chief Passalacqua as well as edits and suggestions to draft plan. Draft plan will be available to the Community end of next week.

1/30/21 Chief Passalacqua and legal counsel is reviewing recommended changes to the  G.O. 400 Use of Force Policy and other policies from the Police Reform Collective. The Police Collective Reform is working on the draft plan.

Throughout the process, we will send out requests for feedback on policies and initiatives under consideration.

Past Proposals Sent Out for Feedback and Community Comments received as of 10/2/2020

Any questions, concerns or ideas for this process, or to schedule time to connect with the City team, please reach out to Erica Collins at ecollins@geneva.ny.us or 315-789-6104.


More information on the consultation process is outlined here: Geneva Police Reform Consultation Plan