Story of Geneva’s City

In the City of Geneva, everything has a story…

The City of Geneva is a small city- just over 13,000 residents- and yet is so incredibly rich in all that it has to offer. Not only does it have a story for everything (just ask the locals) but it will inspire you to create your own story.

In 2015, it was voted All-America City…the first location in the Finger Lakes to win this prestigious award presented by the National Civic League in the organization’s 122 year-long history.

For five consecutive years, the City of Geneva has been named a Playful City USA by Kaboom!


Geneva is historical. It is vibrant. It is progressive. It is diverse.

It works for its residents. It works for its businesses. And it works for you- our visitors.

You will see so much when you travel to the City of Geneva.

Every landmark.

The Story of Landmarks

The Smith Opera House is one of Geneva’s most historic and beautiful landmarks.

Every event.

Each event has a story

The events in Geneva contain a story all to themselves.


Every vintage.

Vintages have a story

Each vintage, product and craft from the City of Geneva has a story that will fascinate you.

Every person.

Pablo has a story

Pablo Falbru, founder of the UG Collective, is one of 13,000 individuals who have a story to tell.

Every piece of architecture.

architecture has a story

You will be amazed at the variety and history of these spectacular buildings.

The lakefront.

lakefront creates your story

The City of Geneva’s lakefront is beautiful and accessible.

The downtown.

downtown has a story

Downtown Geneva is a scene that will inspire you. -Photo Credit: Rick Marshall

The history.

history hasa story

The City of Geneva’s history is one of the most fascinating in the Finger Lakes. Check out the Geneva Historical Society for more information on buildings such as this one.

The fun.

play creates a story

Have fun while you are in Geneva- there are plenty of opportunities to do so.

Be a part of our story. Be uniquely urban.

Welcome to Geneva.