Hydrant Hose Company

The Hydrant Hose Company, Geneva’s first due engine company, celebrated its 125th anniversary in 2005.

Founded in 1880, the Hydrant Hose Company is Geneva’s first due engine company. The company operates out of the fire station located at 79 Geneva St.

On the fire ground, the company is led by:

  • Assistant Chief John Wright
  • Captain Paul Lathey
  • Lieutenant James Devaney
  • Lieutenant Preston Miller
  • Lieutenant Alex Wheeler

The company’s staff officers are:

  • President Don Wheeler
  • Vice President Joe Adulte
  • Treasurer Gary Felice
  • Recording Secretary Jack Howard
  • Financial Secretary F. Edgerton John

To contact the Hydrant Hose Company, send e-mail to gfdhydranthose@yahoo.com or call (315) 789-6966.