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City of Geneva City Council pledges to become a Climate Smart Community

csc-identifierThe City of Geneva (City) believes that climate change poses a real and increasing threat to the local and global environments which is primarily due to the burning of fossil fuels. The effects of climate change will endanger the infrastructure, economy and livelihoods; harm our orchards, ecological communities, including native fish and wildlife populations; spread invasive species and exotic diseases; reduce drinking water supplies and recreational opportunities; and pose health threats to its citizens.

The City’s response to climate change provides it with unprecedented opportunity to save money, and to build livable, energy-independent and secure communities, vibrant innovation economies, healthy and safe schools, and resilient infrastructures.

The scale of greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reductions required for climate stabilization will require sustained and substantial efforts and even if emissions were dramatically reduced today, communities would still be required to adapt to the effects of climate change for decades to come.

In order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and adapt to a changing climate, the Geneva City Council, has made the pledge to combat climate change by becoming a Climate Smart Community.

The Climate Smart Communities (CSC) Program is designed to support municipal efforts to meet economic, social, and environmental challenges posed by climate change. New York is addressing the real threat of climate change through programs designed to curb greenhouse gas emissions, increase energy efficiency and develop renewable energy.

2018 Benchmarking Report


What tasks has the City accomplished toward becoming a Certified Climate Smart Community?

The City is making strides toward becoming a Certified Climate Smart Community. Just a few accomplishments to date include:

The City continues to explore climate smart actions that will help to reduce GHG emissions, save taxpayer dollars, and advance the City’s goals for health and safety, economic vitality, energy independence, and quality of life for its residents. Review a complete list of Climate Smart Community action items.

Do you have a climate-smart idea that you would like to share with the City? The City thrives on innovation and has created the Civic Innovation Hub as a means of seeking out, evaluating, cultivating, and implementing good ideas. Get involved by submitting your idea through the Civic Innovation Hub!


Geneva City Council adopts Comprehensive Plan and Community Decision-Making Guide

The Citgeneva-comp-plan-final-draggedy of Geneva’s Comprehensive Plan and Community Decision-Making Guide was adopted by the Geneva City Council in August, 2016. Adoption of the Comprehensive Plan signals the City’s commitment to pursue initiatives that build a sustainable land use pattern, a strong housing market and healthy lifestyles for residents. Initiatives also encourage the City and property owners to reduce energy and solid waste consumption through providing option
s for alternative energy usage; solid waste diversion; and alternative transportation amenities. The plan is oriented toward the goals of the Cleaner, Greener Communities program in that it will encourage initiatives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. View the Project Benefit Metrics Report here.


Clean Energy Communities Program

Read more about Geneva’s Clean Energy Communities Program here:

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