Geneva Human Rights Commission

Geneva Human Rights Commission

The Geneva Human Rights Commission has been committed to promoting human rights in our city since the commission was first established in 1964. The enabling statute of the Geneva Human Rights Commission lists a number of duties and authorizations. Through these duties and authorizations, the Geneva Human Rights Commission seeks to further mutual respect in our city across all lines of social difference, including but not limited to those of race, ethnicity, national origin, color, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, age, socio-economic status, body size, bodily ability, and political and religious affiliation.

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Please click the link below for Complaint forms in English and in Spanish:

NYS Division of Human Rights Complaint Intake Form


Voting Commissioners

  1. Lathey, Marc|
  2. Barrett, Michele|
  3. Moore, Sidney |
  4. Gilbert, Harlene|
  5. LeClair, Tammy|
  6. Pace, Alton|
  7. Annear, Steph |
  8. Covington, Sim |
  9. French, Ken |
  10. Boerner, William |
  11. Vaughn, Kathrine |
  12. Buisch, Evelyn|
  13. Busch, Jeremy | 


City Liaisons

Collins, Erica| – Human Rights Administrator

Salamendra, Laura| – City Council Liaison 

For any other inquires or questions regarding the GHRC or this information on this page please contact or 315-828-6565