Geneva Green Committee


This Committee is charged with evaluating City operations and community practices for sustainability impacts, and with making recommendations to City Council on policy changes or changes to operational practices. Individuals with expertise in environmental fields or operations and maintenance practices are encouraged to apply. The Committee meets as needed.

Green Committee Subcommittee Information: 

  • Alternatives to Synthetics – supports the city’s Department of Public Works in its management of city-owned properties without synthetic pesticides and fertilizers and promotes sustainable practices for all city residents, institutions, and businesses.
  • Waste Diversion – seeks to reduce the city’s waste footprint by encouraging the use of the city’s new Resource Recovery Facility and by promoting recycling of food wastes, e-wastes, and hazardous wastes as well as all recyclable materials.
  • De-Icing – explores strategies for maintaining safety in the winter while reducing the amount of salt used on city streets and by its businesses, institutions, and residents.
  • Climate Smart Community – seeks to meet the goals for designation as a Climate Smart Community which enables the city to benefit from grant programs.
  • Community Aggregate – explores ways the city and its residents, institutions, and businesses can obtain sustainable sources of energy at reduced cost.

Committee Member’s Include:

Richard Cox (co-chair)

Anne Hoyt (co-chair, FLCC representative)

Michael Amadori (HWS Sustainability Coordinator)

Scott DeHollander (Cornell Ag-tech representative)

Emily McFadden (GHS Environmental Club)

Sarah Meyer (liaison, Town of Geneva Sustainability Committee)

Jennica Simon

Ellis Bozzolo

Sara Britting

Larry Campbell

Marilla Gonzalez

Joseph Gonzalez

Zachary Allard

Marissa Newland

Sean Roulan

Jeanette Nelson

Jim Norwalk

Pat Wallace

Daisy Hoyt

Jena Fuchs

Kristin Bakara

Jacob Fox



Geneva Green Committee Meeting Minutes and Information


February 2021 Meeting Minutes

February 2021 Meeting Minutes – Joint Session Town and City

January 2021 Meeting Minutes


November 2020 Meeting Minutes

October 2020 Meeting Minutes

September 2020 Meeting Minutes

August 2020 Meeting Minutes

Lawn Chemicals and Landscape Application


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