Forms and Permit Applications

Make your event a success!

Is this your first time coordinating an event? Don't worry, the City is Geneva is here to support you every step of the way.

How to Get Started

For an application for a march, rally or demonstration, please contact Dave Sharman at or 315-789-5005.

For all other outdoor events:

Check out the Event Planning Checklist, which will provide you with some information that you should consider when starting the planning process.

If you want to plan an event in downtown Geneva, in addition to filling out a City Use Permit, we highly suggest contacting the Geneva Business Improvement District (BID).

Michael Mills
Director of Geneva BID

Once you’re certain you have the capacity to pull off an event, please see the attachments below to help coordinate your event with the City's Events Team. You can print these or come to City Hall for hard copies.

Use of City Property Application 2021

City of Geneva Property Fees and Charges for Special Event

In addition to the event application, applicants are required to submit a safety plan on how they plan to meet all NYS and CDC restrictions for hosting an event during the Covid-19 pandemic. Please see NYS template below.

NYS Safety Plan Template


Lakefront Viewing Deck & Lakefront Gazebo Rental

Are you interested in renting the Lakefront Viewing Deck which is located right in front of the Finger Lakes Welcome Center or the Lakefront Gazebo for a special event? Please find the links below for our application and supported documents.

Lakefront Deck & Gazebo Rental Application

Banner Application

Are you interested in having your banner displayed across Seneca Street to increase your marketing efforts?
The Seneca Street banner placement is on a first come, first serve basis and fills up quickly.
Please plan ahead and contact Jackie LaVoie DPW, to schedule the desired banner time period.

Street Closure Request

The City of Geneva will accept applications for street closures for an event. Please apply for a street closure request as soon as possible, so that the appropriate departments can be notified.


Will you be having fireworks at your event? If so, please see attached application and regulations. Please call 315.789.6305 with any additional questions.

Liquor Authority Form

To ensure they are abiding by the state liquor licensing requirements for serving alcohol on public property.

All events that are considering selling or serving alcohol need to abide by the state liquor licensing requirements for serving alcohol on public property, and will need to complete the above form in order to do so.

Liquor, beer, and wine may not be sold or handled in any City of Geneva property except with a valid state liquor license and after the City Manager gives special permission in writing. Please note special insurance requirements if alcohol is being served or sold. Any and all alcohol sales must come directly from a bar or 3rd party licensed vendor and be served in non-breakable containers.

In order to obtain the permit, the event must also submit a detailed plan on how they will control the area and drinking age. Suggested routes include wristbands and ID checks.

Event Coordination

Once your application is reviewed, all event coordinators will need to schedule a group meeting with City of Geneva department heads to discuss execution of your requests. These meetings generally occur every Wednesday at 11am at minimum of one month prior to your event. Multiple meeting dates can be scheduled as needed for more complex requests.

Event Coordination Contact

Liz Toner