Fire Department Overview

The Geneva Fire Department is comprised of the Hydrant Hose Companythe Nester Hose Company, and the C.J. Folger Hook & Ladder Company. The department is staffed by 120 professional firefighters, including 18 career firefighters and over 100 active volunteers.

The career staff is responsible for driving and operating the department’s apparatus, as well as conducting fire safety inspections in commercial occupancies and places of public assembly and conducting educational programs for the public.

The department’s volunteer firefighters train thousands of hours and respond to hundreds of fire department emergencies within the City each year.

The Hydrant Hose Company mans two Class A pumpers: Engine 1111, a 2006 American LaFrance, and Engine 1112, a 2002 American LaFrance. The Hydrants also run a mini-pumper, Engine 1151, a 2009 Pierce.

The Nester Hose Company mans one Class A pumper, Engine 1113, a 2012 Pierce.

The C.J. Folger Hook & Ladder Company mans a 2000 Pierce Sky-Arm Quint. Quint 1181 is the first of its kind in New York State.

All three companies share responsibility for Rescue 1171, a 2017 Pierce Heavy Rescue.

The career staff also uses Utility 1161 when conducting fire safety inspections.

Chief Michael Combs was selected to manage day-to-day operations of the Geneva Fire Department by the Fire Commission and City Manager in August of 2011.  Combs was promoted to Chief after 13 years of services as a career firefighter with the City.  Prior to his work with the City of Geneva, Chief Combs served as a firefighter for the Seneca Army Depot and Canadaigua’s VA Medical Center.

Chief Combs is a certified Paramedic and EMT Instructor.  He is also certified as a Municipal Training officer.

Combs oversees a staff of 18 career firefighters, Fire Marshall’s office, city inspections, administrative staff, and more than 100 active volunteer firefighters.

The Geneva Fire Department offers community groups the opportunity to receive fire prevention and safety training, as well as tours of the fire stations, at no cost to Geneva civic and community groups.  We are pleased to offer these classes at the firehouse, or at your location. For more information, contact Anne Alaimo at 789-6305.