East Lakeview

East Lakeview

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In many ways East Lakeview is both an urban and a rural community with a diverse population racially and in terms of age. While it is immediately adjacent to downtown, many houses are on extremely large lots, some are adjacent to a waterway and others overlook wooded areas. Many parts of the neighborhood have outstanding views of the lake or overlook remnants of railroad viaducts, a canal, or an old cemetery. The neighborhood is adjacent to a large industrial park and has space for additional commercial and retail development. Although there is one major thoroughfare, most of the streets are very quiet and many have no outlet. The housing stock was largely constructed more that 80 years ago. Some houses have been converted to two and three family use, but most are owned by homeowners or used for single-family rental.

East Lakeview

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Neighborhood Association Meetings

East Lakeview march agenda and meeting notes

Please check the calendar or contact the Geneva Neighborhood Resource Center at 315- 828-6588 or contact info@genevanrc.org

Neighborhood Strategic Plan

Please contact info@genevanrc.org for a copy of this neighborhood’s strategic plan.

Neighborhood Map

 East Lakeview Neighborhood Map

Neighborhood Accomplishments

  • Organized in 2013
  • Residents engaged in the Brownfield Opportunity Assessment study.
  • Guest speakers at meetings include police officers discussing strategies for public safety and master gardeners to discuss ideal planting to improve the appearance of Gulvin Park.
  • Received a grant through the Neighborhood Action Program to add sports benches and landscaping to Gulvin Park.

Points of Interest

Gulvin Park entrance on Middle Street
Clark Street Park located on Clark Street

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Gordon P. Eddington
Mark Gramling


6th WARD Dana Hollenbeck


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