City of Geneva Comprehensive Plan

City of Geneva’s Comprehensive Plan

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Part 1 provides the Geneva’s planning context overview; values and vision; planning principles; priorities; and an implementation road map.

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Part 2 provides the community assessment and analysis (including the market context; downtown development analysis; city fiscal capacity; land use and zoning; current sustainability practices and benchmarks; economic development initiatives; and relevant strategies in existing planning documents); a community engagement summary; and NYSERDA’s project benefit metrics report.

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Part 3 provides summaries of the dialogues and survey, as well as the full survey results.


We have started a new campaign for “comp plan” updates. With working the Comprehensive Plan Committee earlier this year, we agreed that small updates/snippets would be a great way to keep the public up-to-date on how we are doing as a community with forwarding our plan. This will be an ongoing series of updates on this page and on our social media. We have accomplished so much, but have so much more work to do and this plan will not be successful without everyone’s help in it’s mission, vision, programs, and actions!


Comprehensive Plan In Motion Document (Full PDF) (April 2019)

  • Striving for our Vision Pg. 3-9
  • Geneva’s Priorities Pg.10-29
    • Greater Geneva Amenities Pg. 11-18
    • Corridors Pg. 19-20
    • Housing Pg. 21-22
    • Economic Advancement Pg. 23
    • Zoning Pg. 24
    • Downtown Pg. 25-29

Updates and images can be found on our Facebook page – “City of Geneva, NY”

For “Comprehensive Plan In Motion” Additional Information: 

Overall questions, please feel free to contact City Manager Gerling for more information at

Street Reconstruction/Rehab;  Park Improvements: Paul Cosentino at

Compost Facility; LED Streetlights; Lakefront Phases; Long Pier Extension & Marina; Corridors: Mark Perry at

DRI streetscapes presentation and drafts: 

MAP Grants; Adaptive Reuse: Collette Barnard at

Neighborhood Engagement: Jessica Avila at

Ice Rink Maintenance: David Sharman  at

Finger Lakes Welcome Center: Heather Tuttle at

City-Owned Properties; Zoning rewrite: Adam Blowers at

Lake Tunnel Solar Village:

Food Access:  Kevin Collado, AmeriCorps VISTA at

Twisted Rail Brewery:

Patent Block: Dave Linger at

Smith Opera House:

Dove Block:

Current Projects Forwarding Comprehensive Plan Feb 2019







The Comprehensive Plan Process:  View Documents Leading Up to the Adoption of the Comprehensive Plan

Public Comments from July Draft

Specific Changes from July Draft

May 10 Special City Council Meeting

June 14 Special City Council Meeting

City Council approved the Comprehensive Plan on September 7, 2016