Community Compact

These Community Compact meetings are for the work of the Steering Committee members. These meetings are open to the public, but public attendees are non-participating members at these meetings. This is important to make sure these meetings are most effective and respectful of the business on the agenda.

However, there will be subcommittees that will be formed soon, where the public that is interested in participating, can join those subcommittees and play an active role in this work. Each subcommittee’s chair (Member of the Steering Committee) will report back on this work at their regularly scheduled meetings.

If you have any questions about the Community Compact, please contact Erica Collins, Confidential Secretary to the City Manager 315-828-6565.



Lucile Mallard
Mark Gramling
Dr. Michele Barrett
Victor Nelson
Brandon Bryant
Ron Alcock
Carol (Kari) Maxon
Chief Michael J. Passalacqua

Meeting Minutes

Final Signed Agreement

Press Release for Compact Signing.