GNRC’s May Maintenance Month

GNRC Presents-May maintenance

Kickoff: Emergency Preparedness FREE seminars (click below for the full poster):

Monday, May 1st at 2:00pm

Wednesday, May 10th at 6:00pm

The Governor’s office has worked in partnership with many municipalities around the state to ensure that its citizens are prepared if disaster strikes. As a kickoff to May Maintenance Month, the Geneva Neighborhood Resource Center (GNRC) has partnered with the state to conduct two options for a free disaster preparedness seminar. This are offered on two different days with two different times in hopes that every resident, community partner, organization, or staff member/representative will be able to go- this seminar is open to the everyone! 

Both of these sessions will offer the same material and will last around 1.5 hours. Please see the fliers below for all of the details.

SPREAD THE WORD: Neighborhoods Working Together For A Larger Impact:

This year the Geneva Neighborhood Resource Center (GNRC) is launching a new campaign: May Maintenance Month! There will be tools and resources available throughout the month for neighbors to use to look at their house and come up with some very simple changes that they can do to make their homes, streets, and neighborhoods even better.

This is a city-wide, all 11 neighborhood program that will start on May 1, 2017. There will be small incentives as the month goes on for neighbors and neighborhood associations to be entered in for tasks that they have done. This is to encourage every resident (property owner or renter) to get involved to make their home shine! Be on the look out for more information coming from our office throughout the month.

Neighborhood Associations will be working within the neighborhoods in May to make a large impact in our city, not just their home, with small changes in their neighborhood. There may be some projects that neighborhoods take on that might not be done during the month of May as their strategy and ideas has a larger impact with more coordination. If you would like to get involved in this new tradition please contact the GNRC office at or 315-828-6588.

“In our work at the GNRC, we know that neighbors take pride in where they live. They want their neighborhood to be one that is desirable for people to rent, own, and raise a family in. This May Maintenance Month will be such a wonderful partnership for each home, street, neighborhood, and ward to continue to contribute to making our city look the best it can as a team effort.” says Rhonda Everdyke, Director of Communications and Engagement.

Curb Appeal! Take a Step Back and Look At Your Home with a Different Lens!

Take a look at our cheat sheets:

Curb Appeal Sheet


  • The packet includes: Outside/Exterior Projects checklists, Interior projects, and Fall Maintenance follow up

Of course there are several articles online, pintrest, home TV shows. 

Here are the Donated Casella Dumpster Locations Available Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for all of your May Maintenance efforts. Please find the text of the restrictions here:…/5888e772-ff20-43b2-98bf-…

There cannot be any electronics, free-on, AC/Refrigerators, or yard debris put into the dumpsters.

Parking Lot at McDonough Park

Former Madia’s Supermarket Parking lot

Bicentennial Park Parking Lot

53 East North Street

METALS ONLY: HWS Parking Lot across from Odell’s Pond. You can find a picture of this location at: You can go down St. Claire Street and you will find the Odell Pond Housing. There is a Dumpster there. Be sure to only put metal there. 

Thank you to 


Print out a  Checklist_ like this one to start a manageable list of what would have the most impact on your house.

Cleaning Your Yard?

Debris Pickup:

Due to the ongoing wet weather limiting the ability of homeowners to get out into their yards, DPW will make a second trip around starting on Tuesday May 30th. This will give people Memorial Day weekend to get out and get their yard work done.

Any debris that has to be disposed of after our spring pickup will be the responsibility of the resident. Residents can bring any yard debris to the City’s Transfer Station on Doran Ave.

Transfer Station Hours

Monday-Friday 8am-3pm

Saturday 8am-12pm on May 20th, June 3rd & 17th, July 8th & 22nd, August 5th & 19th, September 9th & 23rd, October 7th & 21st and November 4th & 18th

Need To Throw Some Items Away?

Casella has donated some dumpsters that will be placed in locations around the neighborhoods for the weekend of May 19, 20, and 21st. We will be sending more details about these locations and what can be put into these containers as the date approaches. Thank you to Casella for their generosity.

Another option while cleaning, there will be a City-Wide Yard Sale will be June 17th.

Cleaning out that yard, garage, or closet? Place some of these items aside for a City-Wide Yard Sale. Please follow up with your neighborhood Association or Jessica Avila at Please let us know by May 31th if you would like your house on the listings of participating houses.

Want to see more of an impact in a certain area in your neighborhood?

Let’s work as a team! Residents, Neighborhood Association, GNRC, and City Departments can work together to work on a plan to have a large impact for a section of your neighborhood. Please contact Rhonda Everdyke @ to share your ideas and she will help put together a team with you.

Need a starting place to think about projects for this weekend?

Focus on fun landscaping projects–buy some mulch, hang some flowers, plant some colorful flowers in the front of your yard or lining your driveway or focus on a flower box.

There are some great deals out there for plants this weekend for Mother’s Day!
Come pick up some flowers at the Castle Heights Plant Exchange on Saturday from 10am-1pm in LaFayette Circle!

While you are cleaning, you may find old prescriptions.

You can bring your old prescriptions to the Public Safety Building where you can put them in the RX Drop Box to ensure that they are deposed of properly.

What can be dropped off at a medication drop box in Ontario County?

Any unwanted, unused and expired over-the-counter, pet or prescription medication. Medication can be dropped off in the original container. Please blacken your name for confidentiality. All medication is collected by the Ontario County Sheriff’s Office and is incinerated.

For more information about the Medication Take Back Program, please contact the Substance Abuse Coalition of Ontario County at 585-396-4554. The Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition of Ontario County is an initiative of the Partnership for Ontario County. The drop box is located at: 255 Exchange St, Geneva, NY 14456
Thank you to all of the residents who went to the Emergency Preparedness Corps on May 1st and May 10th. It was a wonderful program.

When you are cleaning out your yard, home, etc: know that there will be a city-wide yard sale on June 17th! See our flier below! Please let Jessica at the GNRC know by May 31st if you are planning on participating.

City Wide Yard Sale