Tastes of Geneva’s Scene

Geneva is the Uniquely Urban city, offering you savory tastes that you could never have anywhere else. We have an open and inviting community, many attractions, historic landmarks, and other things. And that is why you might be surprised to know that Geneva has some of the best food you could ever find.

Geneva Tastes in Restaurants

Downtown Geneva offers 31 restaurants alone in just a short walking distance. Want even more variety? Check out Routes 5 & 20 and other surrounding neighborhoods.

The Tastes of Geneva’s Food Scene is Making an Impact on Local Writers

In 2016, a Rochester newspaper, the Democrat and Chronicle, along with independent blog The Urban Phoenix, covered the spectacular glory of what Geneva has to offer, especially when it comes to its great taste in cuisine.

Geneva Emerging As Food and Drink Destination

Geneva: From The Edge Of The Lake To The Verge Of Greatness

Want Variety? Geneva Has Tastes for Every Palette

With an assortment of great dining establishments from upscale restaurants, to café’s, to hidden burger joints we can fill any cravings that your taste buds may have.

Food is only one of the amazing tastes of Geneva, we happen to be located in the center of wine country. With dozens of wineries, breweries, and other establishments, there is always a place that you can go and relax with a delicious drink.

Tastes the Food

Many local restaurants pride themselves on using local, fresh produce.

Geneva’s Great Tastes in Service

Geneva offers wine tours, dedicated taxi services, and great venues for you to come and have an exciting and relaxing vacation.


tastes urban phoenix burger

The Urban Phoenix captured not only great descriptions of local Geneva restaurants, but pictures that will just make your mouth water.

Delicious cuisine is not the only thing you will find. If you are looking for a way to unwind after a long day, Geneva has an excellent selection of pubs, breweries, and more.

cider beer urban phoenix 2 tastes

In Geneva, you will not only find wonderful establishments that serve local wine, you will also find tasty cider and brew.