Geneva Fire Department Launches Fire Prevention Week

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Fire Prevention Week 2016

Did you know:

One of the best ways to prepare for this kind of disaster is knowledge on how to prevent one.

The Geneva Fire Department, which is composed of the Hydrant Hose Company, Nester Hose Company, and the  C.J. Folger Hook & Ladder  Company, will be participating in this year’s National Fire Prevention Week., which will not only honor those who have volunteered their time and service to this vital department in our City, but to also serve by educate the community and the youth on the

The events that are scheduled to take place are not only services to the community and youth through education. This week also serves as a reminder to honor those who have volunteered their time and service to this vital department in our City.

The schedule for Fire Prevention Week 2016 activities is as follows:

Sept. 23rd – Introduce all North St. 5th grade students to the Fire Prevention Poster Contest.

Sept. 23rd – Introduce all SF/SS 5th grade students to the Fire Prevention Poster Contest.

Oct. 7th – Deadline for Poster Contest

Oct. 11th- Conduct fire drills in all City Schools.

Oct. 11th: 6:30pm – GFD Demonstration/Open House

The Geneva Fire Department Demonstration and Open House will take place at 207 Genesee Street. The Geneva Historical Society will be presenting a display on historical fire photos of Geneva, along with other information.

Other activities will include:

Jaws of Life Demonstration- Motor vehicle accident and extraction tools

Truck with a small hose line for children to try

Red Cross- Promoting their smoke detector program

Stations will be open for community members to walk through

Fire extinguisher demonstration

Light refreshments will be served

Information will be available for those interested in volunteering for the fire department

Slideshow of 1800-1900s fire department photos

Grandchildren of first fire chief (Louis McGuigan) will be present, showcasing old uniforms

The children’s Smoke Demonstration Trailer will be on location. This trailer is used for 3rd graders, where they go inside and the apparatus simulates smoke, and what it would be like to be in a fire, while the GFD instructs them on what to do in case of this kind of emergency.

Oct. 12th — Present a fire safety program for all 1st grade students

Oct. 12th: 6:30pm– Annual FD Inspection & Memorial Service/Announcement of Poster Contest Winners

This event will take place on Geneva Street (79 Geneva St.) All members of Hydrant Hose, Nester Hose and C.J. Folger Hook & Ladder (6), who have passed away during the 2016 year will be honored and memorialized.

The Geneva High School Band will lead the City Manager, City Council and Mayor from City Hall to the inspection/memorial service so they can inspect the Fire Department’s men, women and equipment.

Awarding the prizes for the 5th grade poster contest

The south-end of Geneva Street will closed for traffic for two hours.

Oct. 13th – All 3rd grade students go through the Fire Safety Trailer

Oct. 13th— Award pizza parties and Certificates of Participation to 5th grades.