Geneva Community Cat Project

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 ‘TG’ saved in 2016 and now is happily living in his safe inside home. 

The Geneva Community Cat Project (GCCP) started in 2014 to help abandoned and feral cats, known as Community Cats, in the city and town of Geneva NY. We work in tandem with The Colony Caregivers (TCC), a non-profit organization founded in 2009 with a mission to provide better quality of life to community cats through LOW COST TNVR (humanely trap, neuter or spay, vaccinate and gently return to its colony or provide adoption service links) in Ontario County. ” As the Ontario County Humane Society does NOT recognize community cats and does NOT have a budget specifically for cats, this project is critical to help stabilize the overpopulation and care for cats”.

If you find a community cat, please GO TO: and complete the clinic request form for “Under 6 Cats” or the Colony Registration form for “Over 6 cats”, depending on your situation. PLEASE NOTE, there can be a waiting period of weeks in the spring and summer months, as the TNVR clinics are very busy during these times of year. PLEASE NOTE: IF YOU FIND A COMMUNITY CAT WITH A TIPPED EAR (typically the left), it has likely undergone TNVR.

If the cat is abandoned, you should report this ASAP to your local police officer, as this is against the NYS law. If cruelty is involved, report this to your local police force and the Ontario County Humane Society immediately. It’s also important to let your city councilor know about the number of abandoned and feral cats in your area, as our service to the community needs increasing support of resources to help stabilize the community cat population.




Humane Society’s FAQs:

Shelter options with plans:

This will be updated periodically with new information.

PLEASE DON’T LITTER‼️🐾 Spay or neuter your cat (pets) and care for them RESPONSIBLY! They are part of your family!