Bike Patrol

Chief Mike Passalacqua
Lt. Jeff Potter
Sgt. Tyler Turner
Sgt. Dave Felice
Sgt. Nick Bielowicz
Det. Steve Vine
PO Bret Steve
PO Jesse Cole
P.O. Randy Grenier

P.O. John VanSavage
P.O. Shannon Anderson
P.O. Jay Bucklin
P.O. Jordan Dobies
P.O. Trevor Wagner

The City of Geneva Police Dept. Bike Patrol was formed in 1996 with patrols beginning in July of that year. The program was funded by federal community policing grant money. The Bike Patrol currently has nine members; one lieutenant, two sergeants, two detectives and three patrolmen, who are all certified police bike patrol officers.

The Bike Patrol has been well received by the community and has been an effective enforcement and public relations tool. The Bike Patrol has been most effective handling quality of life complaints such as loud music, open container violations, parking, littering, and trespass on city property, in addition to being successful with drug arrests and proactive high visibility patrols.

The Bike Patrol regularly checks Geneva’s busy lakefront during the warmer months in addition to patrolling the downtown business district, city playgrounds and residential areas. Bike units are on patrol from May through October.

The Geneva Police Dept. presently has four fully equipped TREK police mountain bikes in three frame sizes. All bikes have shocks, bar ends, gel seats, saddlebags, kevlar-walled tires with puncture sealant and halogen lights.

Officers are equipped with TREK helmets, Oakley eyewear with interchangeable lenses, silk-screened uniform golf shirts, padded bike shorts, black bdu uniform shorts and padded bike gloves. Each officer also has a complete nylon duty belt set for reduced weight and comfort while patrolling.

Please feel free to stop us to say hello whenever you see us on patrol in your neighborhood.

In addition, the Bike Patrol was involved in several parade details, festivals, and community events each year. The Bike Patrol also responded to complaints and acted as back up unit to regular patrols.